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Dog Fence Conversion System For Existing Fences

Dogs need time spent in the great outdoors; time to socialize with other animals; and time to exercise. Adapting an existing fence to create a safe play area for dogs is easy using a Fence Conversion System. Our powder coated steel overhang extenders can be mounted to any sturdy structure including existing fence posts or the outer walls of a residence, shed, or garage. Mounting hardware and wood screws are included to help you install your extenders on wood posts. If attaching to masonry or a fence type not listed, be sure to use the correct mounting hardware. The extenders will create a two foot overhang that will help contain your dog. Our strong poly fencing is easily attached to the extenders with self-locking ties to create a tight and secure barrier that will protect your landscape and your dog. With a certified breaking load of 750 lbs, dog owners can expect the dog conversion kit to last at least 15-20 years.