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HEXA-GONE™ Heavy Steel Hex Web 7.5' x 100'

Features of HEXA-GONE™:

20 Gauge Starting Wire; 18 Gauge after PVC Coating
1” Hexagonal opening
1250+ Breaking Strength
Industry leading PVC Coating- Durable longer lasting protection. Thickest coating of any Steel Hex on the market.
Hot Dipped Galvanized- Class 3 coating will prevent rusting
Designed for ground contact and in ground use
Suitable for use in coastal applications
Useful life of over 30 years
Keeps out deer, rabbits, coyotes, and many other animals

HEXA-GONE™ is THE original PVC Coated Steel Hex Wire. Manufactured using the original specs featuring a higher carbon amount making the wire harder and increasing the strength compared to other hex products. When you need the strongest and most reliable steel hex fence on the market, make sure to choose HEXA-GONE™. Designed to be virtually invisible from at close as 20 feet while providing over 1250+ pounds of breaking strength, HEXA-GONE™ is the strongest fence by weight available.

This fence can be used to keep out deer, rabbits, coyotes and many other animals all at the same time. It is resistant to chewing and will stand up to even the most determined animals.

The hexagonal shape is one of the strongest and most efficient shapes in nature and is put to work perfectly in our HEXA-GONE deer fence. When this fence is tested, the individual cells will absorb and distribute the impact, lessening any potential damage to the fence. Suitable for use as both a garden fence or a deer fence around an entire perimeter. Multiple rolls of the deer fence can be used to create entire perimeters of dependable protection.