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Trident Reinforced Economy Garden Fencing

Our economy fence with a reinforced bottom edge is a temporary fencing solution for homeowners experiencing light deer pressure and rodent damage during seasonal changes in the garden.

This plastic deer fence is UV-stabilized, which keeps the plastic fence material strong after years in the sun, rain, heat, and cold. When it comes to pressure from deer and smaller garden pests, Trident's economy deer fencing has an ASTM lab-tested and certified 500 pound breaking load. When used with our sturdy line posts and tensioning support system, this type of plastic garden fence will prove to be a formidable barrier against deer and other unwanted guests. The economy fence has a life expectancy of approximately 3-5 years.

Our Trident economy fence for rodent control will appear virtually invisible from about 20 feet away thanks to its 1.7"x 2" square fence mesh design and black carbon color. Because of the fence design, the fence will not be obtrusive and the homeowner will not need to sacrifice great-looking landscape for a protective garden fence.

This short-term deer fence is easy to install and will not require the help from professional installers. Thanks to Tridentcorp.com ground sleeve system, homeowners won’t have to spend hours digging laborious post holes; and our self-locking ties allow for quick and easy attachment of fencing to line posts. Installing a tensioning system is a breeze with our simple connectors and tensioning tools. Tridentcorp.com makes fence installation easy for any individual regardless of skill level.

For larger fence installations, or areas experiencing moderate to high deer pressure, we recommend our heavy duty or extra strength deer fencing with reinforced bottom edge.