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1/4" Diameter Electric Fence Poly Rope, 656'

1/4" Poly Rope is the strongest type of electric fence available on Tridentcorp.com for horse containment. This type of fencing is recommended for horse owners who are looking for a safe fence for managing horses. There are many benefits to using polyrope on farms such as that this type of electric fencing is the most visible fence wire for large livestock animals including cattle and horses. It can also serve as a temporary fence and is suitable in high wind areas, as it's wind resistant.

This 656' roll of electric fencing is made from polyethylene and contains 6 strands of stainless steel conductive wire for effective use against deer damage. The polyrope will not rust and is easy to repair and splice. Electric Fence Poly Rope has a breaking strength of 820 lbs and is recommended for use with a permanent fence for better horse management.