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Painted T-Posts 1.33 lb/ft

Support an agriculture fence, such as Wire Fencing, with these Studded Steel T-Posts. These hot rolled rail steel t-posts are baked in green enamel and are studded uniformly along the length of the t-post to allow the fence to stay strong against high winds and wildlife encounters. Weighing 1.33 lbs/ft, t-posts are easy to install and will help the fence stay strong against the post. Includes 5 clips.

T-Posts serve many purposes on a farm and will be useful for many types of growers. Fruit growers with large fruit trees may use t-posts underneath tree branches to support the weight of the crops. Climbing plants, including grapes and peas, will need t-posts as an anchor post for trellises; and, tree growers will appreciate the strength of t-posts to hold down trees when applicable in windy areas. 

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