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Black PVC Coated 19 Gauge Hardware Cloth

Ideal for keeping out smaller animals and animals trying to chew their way into the garden. This mesh can be used as a standalone garden fence barrier or as an extra layer of protection in conjunction with our poly deer fence.

The small mesh allows this fencing to be effective at keeping pets and animals in and wildlife such as groundhogs and rabbits out. Smaller opening sizes make it more difficult for dogs and other animals to get their jaws around the fence material. This material can also be effective for creating small animal cages and a variety of other applications.

This fence is electro-galvanized to ensure that all the welds and joints are protected against rust and corrosion. It is then coated in a black PVC to give it added protection against weather and chewing animals.



  • small mesh to keep small animals out
  • Electrogalvanized to strengthen welds
  • PVC coated to withstand weather and chewing
  • Multi-purpose fencing for various projects and uses