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Electric Fence Polytape White 1.5" Wide, 656'

When it comes to vision, deer eyesight isn't the best. Whitetails have sensitivity to yellow; but they test well with colors such as white, green, red and orange. For this reason, polytape is offered in white to help increase visibility for the deer. Just as with warning banners, Electric Fence Polytape allows deer to see that an object is near without getting close. 

There are many reasons to use polytape on farms, pastures and gardening areas. For starters, this electrified wire is lightweight and easy to install; but it is also easy to repair and splice. It is also suitable for livestock animals including goats and equine care. It will not rust even though it is made using 10 strands of stainless steel conductors that are 1.5" wide. Poly Tape is most visible in areas with high levels of green vegetation or brown landscapes. Use for temporary fencing during seasonal weather changes or as permanent horse fencing. The lifespan of poly tape is 5-7 years due to wind friction.