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Staple - Barbed 2" - 1 lb

Barbed fence staples, also known as 'U nails' are used to secure metal deer fence to wooden fence posts, trees and plant root systems.

For properties with a lot of trees, fence installers can use U-nails to staple the fence mesh to tree bark easily and use the tree instead of a fence post. When using Steel Hex Web fence mesh or Hexagone, be sure to drive one of the 2" long barbed staples into the 'B' line honeycomb area of the tree for added security. Fixed Knot Fences use barbed staples to attach the wire to wooden posts. The barbed fence staples are class 3 galvanized for superior longevity in the field and are double barbed for additional strength. 

Each barb staple measures 2". Approx. 62 Staples per lb.