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Tenax Turf Mesh Green 6.7' x 100'; 1.4" x 1.4" Mesh

TENAX 6.7' x 100' turf mesh provides both landscape and ground security. Made from a high density extruded polyethylene mesh that is recyclable, this turf protector can be used to protect grasslands from heavy foot traffic or light vehicles. This ground fence provides excellent traction and weight distribution for vehicles that need to cross grass; so, you won’t have a patchy tire-torn lawn, and people on foot won’t slip and slide at times when the grass is wet. This mesh features UV-stabilization, a green color that will blend in with the vegetation, and a 1.4-inch square mesh.  It has a 308 lb./ft. tensile strength. 

Lastly, this ground protection mesh is easy to install and can be used on large surfaces. Homeowners will need the 8" steel soil staples which will secure the poly turf fence to the ground. Position them over the threads of your mesh and drive them completely into the ground with a hammer. Place staples as needed to secure your mesh.

Made in the USA.