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Trident Electric Fence: Extra Poly Wire 656'

Electric Fence Poly Wire is recommended to livestock owners for slow-moving animals such as sheep or cattle; but it can also be used for deer exclusion. Poly Wire can be used for deer exclusion if the spacing is 10" apart. Tip: Use a low impedance fence charger that produces 4,000 to 5,000 volts on the fence.

Polywire is not recommended for horse security, as these animals are considered to be fast moving animals. This 660' electric fence roll of poly wire can serve as temporary fencing as well. This lightweight electric fence roll for sale is a more cost-effective solution for farmers and livestock owners rather than poly tape or poly rope; and is easy to install. The roll of fencing is available in white color for high visibility of all slow moving farm animals. Deerbusters 660' roll of Poly Wire is commonly used with the Baited Electric Deer FenceThis Poly wire may last up to 10 years with proper use and maintenance. 6 conducting strands.