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Trident Trellis Net - White


Support for climbing plants- peas, tomatoes, pumpkins, cucumbers, beans, and much more

Floriculture- use horizontally and allow flowers and plants to grow through net for support

Great for hydroponic systems

Increases productivity of plants, air circulation, and exposure to sunlight

Replaces metal meshes, iron trellising, and bamboo supports

Mesh Size: 5.9” x 5.9”


Trident trellis netting is a high visibility net proven to increase productivity of plants while providing the necessary support for proper growing. When installed vertically, the netting can be used for climbing plants such as beans, tomatoes and much more. The netting directs the growth path of the plants, keeping the straight.

Installing the Trident trellis netting horizontally allows plants to grow on an even level through the holes in the netting and use the strands for support, receiving direct sunlight throughout the daytime. Additionally, this method maximizes the productivity of the plant and increases growing yields.


Versatile: Great for use in horticulture, floriculture, indoor and outdoor growing, vegetables and vines, flower beds

Strong: Can support melons and pumpkins even though it is light-weight

Great Value: The most economical way to support heavy crops and climbing, vining vegetables

Easy to Install: Quick simple installation in a short amount of time. Just unroll the netting and attach it to garden stakes, horizontally or vertically depending on your application

Technology in the Garden: UV stabilization, excellent strength and flexibility, resistant to numerous chemicals and aseptic. Can be reused or recycled after harvesting plants.